Heat and Destroy™ Hot Sauce - Mystery Made

Mystery Made is so excited to bring some fire to your taste buds! Dropping this limited edition collaboration with the homies over at Murder Hornet.  Presenting the "Heat and Destoy™" limited edition Hot Sauce just in time for the holidays or Dad's stocking. *Perfect on everything! We love it on pizza, ramen, steak, burgers, or our eggs...whatever. 

Limited Edition Bottle | Small Batch Premium Made in Mystery!

Who's ready to bring the sting?

Flavor Profile: A perfect balance blend of black garlic, black lime, pomegranate and "ghost pepper" - So good!

Available now online or at Mystery Made retail while supplies last.

**Free pizza, beer and wine with Purchase of bottle.  21+ on Drinks. kid-friendly vibes on pizza. 

 Buy 5 get one free :) for a cool 6Pack 

Perfect for dad, mom, friends, enemies,  co-workers, white elephant gifts, hot sauce enthusiasts, stocking stuffers and or anyone who likes a little heat on their tongue.  

***Paul Rudd look-a-like

***Ok we lied that's from the internet /hot ones show. We don't own this shot but he's a funny ass dude who might be ok with us hustlin' locally this small run.