Trademark PU Hoodie

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Built to Last.  Built to Withstand.  Believe it.

Our Men's Trademark Hooded Pullover is a Premium Heavyweight Cross-Grain is the best Hooded Sweatshirt we've ever made. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure every detail of this sweatshirt is the best of the best and meticulously designed. From the fit, specialty yarns, and antique trims, to the way the fabric is knit, dyed, cut, and sewn, it has everything we think a sweatshirt needs without having too much.

It’s all in the details.
The Legend is handcrafted of a 13.5oz/450gm 3-End brushed back fleece fabric with a 20 singles 100% Ring-Spun Cotton face yarn to achieve a stable fabric surface for printing. To limit vertical shrinkage the body panels have been cut Cross-Grain, and additions of double ribbing side panels add stretch for a comfortable fit. We chose to reverse cover stitch sewing on all seams for exceptional durability and to showcase the sewing quality. Built to perfection with our 3” long 520gm 100% cotton ribbing at the cuffs, waistband, and side panel. Finishing Touches on the Legend Heavyweight are the antique silver eyelets and drawcord tips, 100% Cotton shoelace drawcords, and a bold strong Mystery Made graphics to bring it to life.


What’s different about this sweatshirt?

it's basically our version of the best sweatshirt in the world. So we were able to throw out some of the limits that we place on ourselves when designing a blank that needs to work for certain price points or appeal to the majority of our customers. We’ve gone for a heavyweight 450gm/13.5oz fleece, and true 1x1 ribbing, and a ton of premium features. Our main goal was to make the IND5000 the best of the best without any limitations.

What sparked your interest in making a Premium Heavyweight Hoodie?

One reason is that we wanted to put a stamp on the Premium Heavyweight market. When we hear people say “Have you seen how nice So & So’s sweatshirt is?”, or “Have you seen the $200 blank hoodie these guys make?” it really gets to us. Not to mention the Marketing campaigns....“The best hoodie ever made” - says Forbes Magazine. We Thought...“What the #$%@ does Forbes know about Sweatshirts?...We can make a better hoodie than that one! We’re gonna make a new heavyweight...and it’s gonna be the best.”

Is there any particular type of brand or group you designed it for?

Heavy Tees and Premium Heavy Fleece has been popular for streetwear brands and workwear brands over the past year, so this garment is for those types of brands, but really anyone who appreciates the finer details of this garment.

What are the key features of this garment?

The Hoodie is full of premium features that define this style. It starts with the fabric, a 450gm fleece with a coarse 20 singles face yarn we use for durability and has a unique texture. The body panels are sewn Cross-Grain to limit vertical shrinkage, and all the seams are Reverse Coverstitch for durability, fit & finish. We have perfected the fit and added trims like antique silver eyelets and heavy-duty shoelace drawcords with antique silver tips to top off the styling. We added Double Rib side panels to give a classic look, add some stretch and used this same super heavy 520gm 100% cotton ribbing used for the side panels on the cuffs and waistband. This style has a double fleece-lined hood too.

Are there any features that you’d like to point out that people may not notice?

One of the things we most proud of is the overall fit and finish of this garment...  Take a close look at all the materials and construction...  This sweatshirt is beautiful. 

  Get one before they're gone.  **The Print is bolder less distressed.