DDC Way Washington Poster

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  • Printed on a stack of 100lb uncoated French “Starch Rain” Speckletone poster stock. Just right.
  • Four colors! “Puget Sound Depths Dark Blue,” “Evergreen Dark Green,” “Green River Light Green” and “Brad Scheuffele Rainy Day Blue” are how those colors stack up. Deal with it.
  • They weigh in at 18” x 24”! That’s pretty big, man.
  • Proudly printed by our buddies at Burlesque North America in Minneapolis.
  • These will go quick, so do not delay. Way, way limited edition.
  • Good for condo, apartment, moldy Craftsman, dorm, ranch, house boat, Cascades shack, cell, lean-to or high-desert meth shed.
  • Hand-numbered, using our patented freehand technique.
  • Man, there is a lot of Washington on there! We did our best.