Heat and Destroy™ Hot Sauce - Mystery Made

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Mystery Made is so excited to bring some fire to your taste buds! Dropping this limited edition collaboration with the homies over at Murder Hornet.  Presenting the "Heat and Destoy™" limited edition Hot Sauce just in time for the holidays or Dad's stocking. *Perfect on everything! We love it on pizza, ramen, steak, burgers, or our eggs...whatever. 

Limited Edition Bottle | Small Batch Premium Made in Mystery!

Who's ready to bring the sting?

Flavor Profile: A perfect balance blend of black garlic, black lime, pomegranate and "ghost pepper" - So good!

Available now online or at Mystery Made retail while supplies last.

**Free pizza, beer and wine with Purchase of bottle.  21+ on Drinks. kid-friendly vibes on pizza. 

 Buy 5 get one free :) for a cool 6Pack 

Perfect for dad, mom, friends, enemies,  co-workers, white elephant gifts, hot sauce enthusiasts, stocking stuffers and or anyone who likes a little heat on their tongue.  

***Paul Rudd look-a-like

***Ok we lied that's from the internet /hot ones show. We don't own this shot but he's a funny ass dude who might be ok with us hustlin' locally this small run.