Mystery Made Victory Jersey

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Full throttle design by a shop that lives it. Introducing the Hometown Jersey x Mystery Made Victory racing Jersey.  Premium Goods, Gasoline fumes, and pure adrenaline!  

Our friends over at Hometown Jersey custom made us a custom biker jersey built to make a statement and those who appreciate a vintage moto styling and Americana aesthetic and aren't afraid to be live life on the edge.  Grab one for yourself and show your support for your favorite small business while doing so. 

Striped Sleeve Jersey features a solid black body, black and cream striped sleeves, and gold pro-block font wool lettering and Mystery Made Bolt. 

100% Made in the USA.  All done in-house stitched on by hand for a completely custom jersey.

Made of fine gauge 100% heavy cotton knit, the Striped Sleeve Jersey is super comfortable and gets better with age. Comes in sizes S-XL. Because the felt lettering is wool, we recommend laundering in cold water, shake it out and throw over a chair to dry.

The Hometown Jersey is cut like a vintage racing jersey. If you have long arms/torso, the sleeve will be at 3/4 length as it is supposed to be. If you don't have long arms, the sleeves will fit like a regular long sleeve. The length of our jersey is shorter than most modern shirts today. All part of the characteristics that make the Hometown Jersey the great looking authentic garment that it is. 

FREE SHIPPING!  Or Local Pickup and or Curbside Shennanigans.

* not all these photos our ours.